Review: Game Night (2018)

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Two brothers, who haven’t seen each other in while, meet again and one of them gives the other a present: a game where you don’t know what is real or what is fake. This may sound like the plot of David Fincher’s The Game, with Michael Douglas, but it is also the synopsis of the deliciously funny spoof called Game Night.

Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are both very competitive and love to host weekly game nights with their friends, while avoiding their neighbor Gary (Jesse Plemons) at all costs. Gary is a police officer who looks like a perfect Bond villain, holding his white dog as Blofeld would hold his white cat. 

One night, Brooks (Kyle Chandler), Max’s brother, proposes a new game: someone is going to be kidnapped and the others would have to find the missing person. The winner would get Brooks’ expensive car. So when some men break into the house and kidnap Brooks, it is all part of the game, right?

As the night unfolds, the six main characters get into crazier and absolutely hilarious situations. The audience also is left guessing at some point who is lying and who is telling the truth, and the twists happen until the end.

Jason Bateman is always great at comedies, with a timing and a facial expression that can make anyone laugh when he delivers his lines. Rachel McAdams is a perfect match and I wish she would make more comedies like this. One of their scenes together, also featured in the trailer, when Annie is trying to remove a bullet from Max’s arm made the audience burst into laughter the entire time.

The pacing of the film is also just right, with so many things happening at the same time that you don’t even feel time passing.

Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, Game Night is the perfect movie to watch if you want laugh repeatedly and be extremely entertained. 



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