Carolina Malhado
Carolina Malhado

Carolina Malhado is a Brazilian lawyer and she has worked for a Brazilian law firm in the Labor and Employment area until 2013. She has always been interested in all forms of arts, especially cinema, theater and television.

After moving to Washington DC in 2013 and to New York in 2015, she started to enjoy them even more, since she had access to many more options than in Brazil. Moreover, the movies are generally released in the U.S. earlier, with the possibilities of going to advance screenings and to events to see the cast and crew. Also, not all the musicals/plays available in the U.S. will make it to Brazil. Finally, other aspect that interests her is to watch the cultural differences between U.S. and Brazil, and the arts are a great channel to see those differences. 

In Arts Commented you will find reviews written by her of the latest movie released in the U.S., as well as TV shows and plays/musicals currently in New York. You will also find information about special events happening in New York, mainly related to the arts, for anyone who either lives in the city or is just planning a visit. Since Carolina speaks Portuguese and English, you will find versions of every page in both languages, by choosing on the right side of the screen.

You can also follow Arts Commented on Twitter and on Facebook for the latest updates. 

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