Review: Baby Driver (2017)

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More often than not, movie titles are intriguing and confusing, leading the oblivious moviegoer to wonder what possible storyline can come from that name. Baby Driver is precisely one of those films, especially for those people who haven’t seen the trailer.

If you are one of those people who don’t know what to expect from Edgar Wright’s latest film, fear not: you are in for almost two hours of fast-pacing excitement and a great soundtrack to guide you.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a young man who made a mistake in the past and, for that reason, is coerced to work for heist organizer Doc (Kevin Spacey) as a getaway driver. What differs Baby from others is that he has tinnitus and, for that reason, he is always with his earphones on, listening to music as his guide.

His constant need for music makes the movie more interesting, since the audience gets to hear the songs too. And what a joy that is! The song selection is extremely clever and eclectic, ranging from Sam and Dave’s “When Something Is Wrong With My Baby” to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Baby Driver”, as the final credits roll.

The casting was also inspired, with Ansel Elgort proving that he can handle this role perfectly well. Lily James is as charming as ever as Baby’s love interest; Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey are funny, each in their own way, and they make a great ensemble. 

It is also impossible not to mention the thrilling car chase scenes, which were actually shot on the I-85 freeway. They are filled with adrenaline and Baby’s calm expression while driving just makes it more entertaining.

Baby Driver is a fun, exciting, and crazy ride, and will probably make many viewers leaving the theater humming one of the songs.


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